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Interior Design
Violette C Design Studio

Looking to entrust your interior project to skilled and experienced professionals? Get acquainted with our international portfolio.


A Passion for the Art and Science of Interior Design

Violette Charavashka is head of Violette C Design Studio and its Creative Director. An Arts Academy alumna; she started her private practice in 2006.


Real Deal

We base our projects on real-world materials and solutions, always having environment on our minds. The resulting project is a perfect mix of robust and chic. It just fits.


Full Service Interior Design

We provide necessary documents, plans and specifications to ensure accurate and stress-free interior project implementation.


Bespoke approach

We focus on a very small number of clients at a time to ensure every project gets all the attention we have.


Let’s get started

If you would like to work with us on your next interior project, drop us a line at mail@violette.design or you can use WhatsApp.